Main Camp- Boys KG-G3, Girls KG-G4

  • A jam packed schedule with grade-appropriate activities to keep your little one engaged and entertained.

  • Field trips to fascinating places combined with exciting games, sports and dress up days.

  • Cool contests, basketball tournaments and swimming – educate, compete and have fun at the same time!

  • Wrap it all up with a final Shabbat party & Challah bake for sweet memories!

  • The perfect way to help kids build confidence, develop social skills and get the most out of their summer break.

Sports Camp- Boys G4-G7

  • An exciting journey full of discovery, adventure and fun activities tailor-made for boys grade 4-7.

  • From fun outings and specialty activities to sports games, and swimming, the packed schedule will keep them thoroughly engaged and energized.

  • Make memories and celebrate the greatest times together with a special day out of town or an overnight trip adventure!

Pioneer Camp- Girls G5-G7

  • Keep your daughters occupied with a summer full of fun activities. From exciting trips, to specialty outings, girly activities, and late night adventures - this summer something new awaits them!

  • Swimming, sport, fun car wash, and a Shabbat party complete with challah baking - this summer is one they'll never forget!

  • Schedule packed full with things that will bring big smiles and enjoyable memories that will last a lifetime.