To facilitate a smooth start for your family, and to ensure your children get the most out of their camp experience and enjoy every moment, please read all the details in this letter, and review camp policies and safety rules with your child(ren).

1.      Camp Locations

Boys KG-G1 & Girls KG-G8
Maimonides VSL
1900 Rue Bourdon,
Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 1V1

Boys G2-G7
LaurenHill Junior Campus*
2355 Rue Decelles
Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 1C2 

* Go through the parking around the building until you see the back door facing Cote Vertu.

  2.      Camp Schedule: June 25 – August 3

Regular hours: 9am-4pm

Extended care- extra charge: 8am-5:30pm (Friday 8am-4pm)

Drop off: 8:45am-9am

Pick up: 3:45pm-4pm

3.      Lunch & Snacks

Our camp is a completely kosher, nut free camp.

We offer a catered, Kosher, nut free Lunch Program, which includes morning & afternoon snacks. The cost is $30/week.

If your child is not enrolled in the lunch program, please send them with a kosher, nut free lunch, a drink, and 2 snacks every day. No sharing of lunch or snacks will be allowed.

Kindly follow and respect the days in which we serve meat or dairy.

>> Click here to review our Lunch Program Menu.

>> Click here if you would like to add the lunch program to your registration.

4.      Daily Essentials – What to Bring to camp EVERY DAY:

  • Camp T-Shirt & wrist band
  • Cap / sunhat
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • For swimming and water activities: bathing suit, towel, footwear for pool area
  • Bathing cap: swim level color coded: Red for shallow and Black for deepend
  • Proper running shoes
  • Boys are encouraged to bring a Kippah

Hockey Equipment: if you child is in sports camp, please make sure to have the required hockey equipment.

>> Click here to review the list.

Special Days: Pay attention to the calendar of events and weekly emails for camp special days and activities (e.g. bring a friend day, dress up day, etc.)

Note: Please make sure to label your child’s belongings.

5.      Policies

  • We have Zero Tolerance for inappropriate touch, bullying or foul language
  • To keep camp operations smooth and encourage friendships & team playing, no phones or any electronics are allowed during camp hours. We offer a phone check-in at the office where it can be safely stored during camp hours.
  • No purchasing will be allowed on outings, trips or swimming.

6.      Safety

Safety is our number one priority! All our staff is CPR & First Aid certified.

To help us stay safe, please follow the safety precautions listed below:

  • To keep hydrated, please send a water bottle with your child every day
  • Children must wear their camp T-Shirt and camp wristband every day
  • Pick up by authorized person only (check the Pickup Authorization in your account)

>> Read more on our website

7.      Updates

We send email communication with any change or update, please make sure to follow!

Daily pictures are posted on Facebook in real time to keep you connected! Like our Facebook page in order to follow them:

Looking forward to spending an incredible time together!

Neta Halevy, Camp Office

Rabbi Shmuli Hayes, On Site Director

Rabbi Schneur & Leah Silberstein, Chabad V.s.L. & Bois Franc

Rabbi Moshe & Dina Krasnanski, Chabad TMR

Rabbi Leibel & Chana Fine, Chabad DDO


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 514-747-1199 # 6 (option 1)