Due to Covid, a decision regarding hockey availability will be made closer to summer.


Hockey with Tip Top Academy


In the previous summers, we ran a very successful program which had rave reviews from parents and campers. We are pleased to once again be offering this option both for children who play all year and for those who wish they could.

Who Can Sign Up? 

Boys of all ages are eligible to join our Sports Camp at no extra cost


The hockey program is held at Tip Top Academy and is being led by their excellent staff. Thanks to Shlomy and Itzik Levi, both are former professional hockey players at the highest level, for partnering with us!

What Does My Child Need?

Every child is required to have full protective gear, including:

1.       Ice skates

2.       Helmet with cage and mouth-guard

3.       Hockey stick

4.       Hockey pants

5.       Hockey gloves

6.       Shoulder pads

7.       Elbow pads

8.       Shin guard

9.       Neck guard

10.     Jockstrap

Where Can I Purchase the Equipment at a Discounted Rate?

it can be purchased at any sporting equipment store. You may find it for approximately $50 at "Play It Again Sports" or “Value Village”.

Even though purchasing Hockey equipment is an additional expense, on top of all other summer expenses, it is an opportunity for your child to play hockey (safely!) in the highest setting, for a relatively small price.

Who Helps the Children with their Gear?

Tip Top Academy staff and Sports Camp staff will assist the children with getting into gear, tying skates etc. We need your help too! If you can volunteer to help, please let us know in advance. 


To avoid having the children schlepping equipment and being responsible for it on a daily basis, Camp Gan Israel will cover the rental fees to store your child’s equipment

Opt out

Should you feel this is not optimum for your child, we will have another workshop available your child during the ice-hockey time slot. Please make sure to let us know in advance

Please contact me with any question, concern or comment- I’m here to help!

Looking forward to a wonderful and safe summer ahead!